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Casper Comes to Clown Movie

Casper Comes to Clown (1951)

The adult ghosts are testing themselves on a Scare Meter; but poor, lonely Casper has no wish to frighten anyone. Yet he’s a ghost; and when he tries to befriend an owl and two rabbits, all he does is scare them away. Casper even scares some bees that are chasing a bear cub. But the cub is grateful to Casper, and unafraid of him. The two become fast friends, and Casper names the cub Brownie. Casper soon finds that the cub has a natural talent for juggling, so he teaches him how to juggle while balancing on a hoop. A ringmaster happens to see Brownie and takes him away. He soon has Brownie doing his act on a high wire. Casper finds him, but an enormous gorilla may spoil the happy reunion.

Duration: 101 min

Quality: HD