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Gents in a Jam Movie

Gents in a Jam (1952)

Shemp’s rich Uncle Phineas comes to visit the stooges who are broke and about to evicted. The boys convince their landlady Mrs. McGruder not to toss them out as Shemp is set to inherit a fortune. The boys also have trouble with a circus strongman after Shemp accidentally rips off his wife’s dress. Uncle Phineas gets in the middle of the fight, and Mrs. McGruder ends it by knocking out the strongman. It turns out that Uncle Phineas and the landlady were childhood sweethearts and he marries her, leaving the stooges out of the bucks once again.

Duration: 16 min

Quality: HD


Shemp is heir to his uncle Phineas million dollar fortune. Last Stooge short directed by Ed Bernds.