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La fenêtre ouverte Movie

La fenêtre ouverte (1952)

One of the first European films commissioned by the countries that signes the Brussels treaty and filmed in the museums of Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Ghent and The Hague. The film shows, by means of 59 works of art, how painting discovered the landscape once it left the strictly religious context behind. Henri storck wrote, “We have tried to eliminate the artificiality of filming. We have tried to hide the camera in order to immerse the audience in the world of the painting and the landscape that it depicts. We want the viewer to discover the feeling of nature for himself, through the artists…. It is not our ambition to make a critical or informative work.” This iconic journey from Bosch to Manet and Turner is accompanied by music by Georges Auric.

Duration: 18 min

Quality: HD