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The Garden Movie

The Garden (2010)

Initiated a AnotgerLand Project and established a self-sufficient community; independently issued a questionnaire to investigate the intentions of nearly one thousand households to relocate one by one; live on a mountain to compiled a modern version of “Tian Gong Kai Wu” and animated film series “Independence” director-born in 1989 Tang Guanhua, a contemporary multimedia designer and contemporary artist, created a demolition documentary “The Garden” in 2010. Tang Guanhua took Qingdao as a clue for a year and used handheld DV to record the different attitudes of citizens of different social identities in the same incident during the year. The “Old City Reconstruction” project of Qingdao Badahu Community, which is the main focus of the film “Garden”, finally became the only illegal demolition in China in 2010 after it was released online. The CCTV focus interview conducted a special report, revealing that it had made an impostor, fabricated a public letter, and demolished it without permission from the government.

Duration: 72 min

Quality: DVD


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