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You for Me Movie

You for Me (1952)

Katie McDermad, who comes from a working class household, is a dedicated surgical nurse, who loves her profession but not the low pay. Her emotions often get the better of her. Jeff Chadwick is a surgeon and researcher who works in the same hospital. The nurses in general consider him the greatest catch of the doctors, that is if he had any interest in a social life, as he spends all his time and money dedicated to his work. Katie’s temper makes an inopportune appearance in the operating room when she is asked to work late after an already long shift to assist in the non-medical emergency surgery of Tony Brown, who got shot accidentally in the derrière while on a hunting trip. The emergency part of the surgery is that wealthy Tony is the major benefactor to the hospital to the tune of $100,000 per year, he who demanded immediate and quick attention to his injury. Katie’s behavior in the operating room costs her her job on Tony’s behest, and costs the hospital Tony’s annual $100,000 endowment. Knowing that playboy Tony is easily swayed by a beautiful woman and as his research is dependent on Tony’s endowment, Jeff, who can see that Katie is indeed beautiful, asks her to use her feminine wiles both for her own benefit to get reinstated, and to get the hospital back Tony’s annual endowment. Tony is smitten with Katie, even after finding out who she is. Although she is able to get her job back, Katie learns that the endowment is not quite so easy as Tony has other competing financial interests, most specifically what looks to be a hefty divorce settlement to who he hopes will soon be his ex-wife, Lucille. As Jeff continues to push Katie into a relationship with Tony for the sake of the endowment, Katie in turn starts to fall for Tony. But Jeff also comes to the realization that he too is falling for Katie. Add to the equation the actions of Lucille to get a larger piece of the pie, of Katie’s very pregnant sister Ann, and of Ann’s wannabe businessman husband Frank, and the romantic triangle gets more and more complicated.

Duration: 71 min

Quality: HD